It gives us immense pleasure to introduce ALPINE FIBC PVT. LTD. as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Food Grade, Pharma Grade, Baffle, UN Certified, U Panel, 4 Panel etc. FIBC (Big bags) with international standards.

Alpine FIBC Pvt. Ltd. BRC certificate in process.

Our manufacturing facility has the capabilities to produce more than 4 million Food and Pharma grade FIBC per annum. We fulfill the specific requirement of customer through most advance machinery, advance equipped quality control laboratory, highly experienced and expertise staff, and approved superior food grade polymers and other additive materials. The machineries are employed latest technology to carry out smooth production processes, it adds to our endeavor for quality products timely delivery of the consignment

At all, we take and achieve commitment in respect of quality, services and honesty. We focus to hygiene and cleanliness ensures food grade FIBCs that are sanitized and free from dust, germs and pollutants. We match the specific property and requirement of customers packing and process.



Bulk bag are also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) or jumbo bag , is economical and ideal packing used for the storage & transportation of powdered, granulated or bulk products.

FIBC bags are manufactured by polypropylene woven fabrics that are stabilized against UV degradation. Each bulk bag can contain load capacities between 500kgs to 2000kgs with safety of 5:1 or 6:1 (5:1 is for Single use & 6:1 is for multiple use or for UN bags), depending on the bag design and size. Optional LDPE inner liner can be included to provide additional protection against moisture ingress.


affle bag gives improved stability and improved loading efficiency of containers and trucks.

Q- Bag as remain within its pallet dimensions when it filled. The unique design of the baffles in the bag construction prevents the bag from bulging or falling over.

Our design incorporates baffles across all four corners of the bag, within these baffles are holes cut out which allow the product to flow evenly throughout the bag. Rather than the baffles being glued into the bag we sew them into the side-panels of the FIBC with filler cord. This then makes the FIBC sift proof and capable of storing very fine powders without leaks when being stacked or transported.


Conductive bags are bags that conduct the charges generated at the time of filling & emptying of the products. During the stage of bulk bag filling and emptying operations, it is ensured that the ground or earth bonding points are connected to a system ground or earth. Moreover, when the conductive yarns and the connection to ground or earth is interconnected during these operations, the use of Type C FIBC bags becomes critically safe. These are essential in explosive environments or where the products generate charges that could lead to explosion hazards.


These FIBC antistatic type D bags FIBC are designed to guarantee the protection against the unforeseen electrostatic hazards as the risks related to human errors are eliminated with the manufacturing and use of grounded Type C FIBC. Permanent discharged properties and is designed to prevent the occurrence of flammable sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges without connecting the bulk bag to ground or earth.


U-Panel bulk bags (FIBC) have one (1) continuous piece of fabric for a side, bottom, and opposite side panel creating a ā€œUā€ shape. The remaining sides and top panel are then sewn in to construct the bag. U-Panel bags are an industry standard and provide a great mix of stack-ability, strength, and affordability.


The standard FIBC bag is the 4-Panel big bag, or the corner loop big bag. This standard big bag with (standard) open top, closed bottom and four lifting loops, is very suitable for transporting and storing various types of light and finer raw materials, waste materials and building materials such as ornamental gravel, split, garden waste, firewood and wood pellets. Because of the four corner loop lifting loops, stitched at the side seams, the big bag is easy to lift.

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