Our products splash color into a world which would have otherwise has been drab and dull. Our environmentally friendly dyestuff includes broad ranges in Reactive Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Pigment Emulsion, sailence Apex Dye Stuff, Textile Dyes, Pigments Dyes and Vat Dyes.

This expensive range with textiles, paints, paper, automotive, etc. have the right colors that are able to meet the diverse needs of industry. We started with a small manufacturing unit and now have expanded into large manufacturing facilities along with full lab own right with the latest test equipment and a wide network of distributors across India.


Disperse Dyes

Used for dyeing nylon, triacetate, polyester and acrylic fibers, we offer our customers a complete line of Disperse Dyes. Disperse that we are the market very volatile in nature. Finding various applications,Disperse Dyes: It available in multiple colors and dyes, they are highly volatile in nature and are used for dyeing acrylic fibers as nylon, tri-acetate, polyester. Acquired in a reliable network of suppliers, the disperse dyes are in high demand by our clients. They are available for our clients market leading prices.


These are based on mono chlorotriazene. They are characterized by moderate reactivity characterizes require strong fixation conditions and are primarily used for printing and continuous dyeing. A great choice is to select the customers according to their needs.


We provide vat dyes that are applied to the substrate in reduced and soluble form. This leads to an oxidation of the original insoluble pigment. Especially prevalent as anthraquinones and Indigoid, these are also known as quinone dyes.


Pigment pastes “also known as (pigment emulsion, pigment dispersion) in the international market and organic pigment powder used in detergents, rubber, plastic, paint and distemper, iink and textile industries. because it was founded on the pillars of the practical solution of the problems encountered by our customers. our strength lies in our commitment to service and quality.

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