Established in Ahmedabad, (Gujarat) India, we “Atmos Power Pvt. Ltd” engaged in offering PSA base N2/O2 Gas Generation Plant, Air and Gas Dryer, H2 Gas Generation Plant, Bio-Gas To CNG Purification Unit, Bio-CNG and H2 Mixing Plant, and many more. These Gas Plants are available in various specifications and are manufactured by using high quality raw material and emerging technology.

We supply these machines in various parts of the world in various organizations as well as in markets. As to fulfill the requirement of several organizations, the wide spacious.

Infrastructure of our organization is divided into several units such as manufacturing, testing, warehouse & packaging, supply and research & development units. Each and every unit of our organization is managed and controlled by the team of experts who have wide expertise in their respective domain areas with respect to production and trade of these machines



Ambient air usually contains a significant amount of moisture (water vapor). Most modern equipment operating on compressed air require this moisture to be removed in order to reduce system downtime due to rust, pipeline blockages and freezing problems. Moisture can be economically removed with the help of an Air Dryer. In addition, an air dryer assists in reducing the dew point of the compressed air, which prevents the water vapor from condensing in the air lines.


N2 (Nitrogen) has a lot of industrial applications and is highly demanded by many major industries. In order to cater to this high demand for nitrogen, AtmosPower offers its exclusive Nitrogen Plants based on the well-known VPSA technology.

AtmosPower’s Nitrogen Plant can offer purity levels of up to 99.9995%, which is suitable for most applications. In addition, it’s reduced capital intensity makes the VPSA based Nitrogen plant a more viable option compared to expensive cryogenic systems. Most users enjoy a payback period of fewer than 2 years for their nitrogen plants.


Oxygen is a highly demanded gas by industries due to its high reactivity and various other industrial uses.

AtmosPower’s Oxygen plants/generators are known in the market for their elegant designs and efficient performance. AtmosPower’s oxygen plants can achieve 93% purity and allow you to have on demand oxygen without relying on the clogged supply chain for oxygen in most markets. The benefits of having your own supply of oxygen are immense, ranging from higher quality of oxygen, less logistical problems, better availability and flexibility of use.


Methane, also known as CH4 is a chemical compound with the potential of switching the world’s energy dependence from polluting sources to non-polluting sources. Comprising of one carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms, methane has ample potential as an energy source and most importantly, as a green energy source. Unlike fossil fuels that require intensive infrastructure investments in terms of sourcing, extraction, collection & processing, methane requires a very low capital investment. In addition, the usage of methane can also help avoid the grave environmental impact due to the utilization of fossil fuels.

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