With over two decades In the Tea & coffee business, we have earned the reputation of being experts in supplying the finest fresh milk based Tea & Coffee, not to forget the highest standards of quality we have always adhered to, since inception.

Drawing from the combined expertise of fresh milk based Tea & Coffee varieties it was a natural progression to create a quality conscious specialty service provider. Break Time was born in 2012. Break Time India is committed to provide the total brewed-beverage solution for Corporates, Industries, Manufacturing Setups & Institutions. Break Time has a National Distribution Network for Fresh milk based Tea & coffee in association with Wagh Bakri Tea Group.


Powder to cup vending machine

A line-up of powder to cup machines that can handily dispense both filter coffee and freshly brewed teas, at competitive costs to meet your burgeoning reauirements.

  • Fully Automatic
  • No Manpower required
  • Dispensing time 7-8 second/cup
  • Milk warmer attached ideal corporates

Bean to cup vending machine

  • 100 ml Cup (Max) : 10-12 Sec / Cup
  • No. of options – 8
  • a). Filter Coffee, b).Cappuccino, c).Espresso, d).Tea, e). Café Latte
  • Providing Coffree with froth & without froth selection
  • Steam Vand with Volume Controller for extra steam heating.
  • Slim Oean of 1 kg capacity.
  • Digital Individual cuppage counter.
  • Suitable for small offices

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Capacity of more than 1000 cup/hour.
  • Customised preparation.

Tea options

  • a). Regular Tea b). Masala Tea c). Ginger Tea d). Lemon Tea e) Black Tea

Coffee Options

  • a). Regular Coffee b). Cappuccino c). Espresso
  • Manpower required for preparation
  • Suitable for mass production
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