Established in the year 2000, we are specialized in research, production and marketing of high quality hybrid seeds of pigeon pea Cotton, Castor, Pearl millet (Bajra) for commercial crop planting. Our focus is concentrated towards the genetic enhancement of performance of hybrids with inbuilt resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. Also we develop improved varieties in pigeon pea (tur), Mustard and Cumin (Jeera).

For carrying out R&D activities, we have set up R&D Farm at village Jaspur, Tal Kalol, Dist. Gandhinagar. We collaborate and participate in research programs of All India Coordinated projects, ICAR, Govt. of India. We are a member of consortium of ICRISAT for pigeon pea hybrid research activities.


Castor (Ricinus communis) Maharaja

Red stem, Capsule semi-spiny, Double bloom, Long medium thick spikes, bold seed, 12-15 productive branches, high resistance to wilt diseases, insect attack less, very high seed yield, maturity of first spike 105-110 days, Total duration 210-220 days, 49.5% oil content.

Pearl Millet (Bajra) (Penisetum americanum) Biogene - 66

Early maturity (80-85 days), High number of tillers (5-8), Stem base green, non-hairy nodes, Long conical shape thick compact panicles, very uniform attractive crop, foliage light green and stay green character after harvest, Gray bolder seeds, High resistance to downey mildew diseases, Dual purpose (Grains and fodder) with high grain yield. Best for kharif and summer cultivation.

Kanchan - 03

Medium duration (160-180 days), Long pods with 5-7 seed, bold green peas ideal for vegetable harvest with green colour pod cover, high branches, tolerant to wilt, yellow flowers, Medium bold white grains, high yield.

Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) Ratna - 9

GM with fusion double gene (cry 1ab – cry 1 ac) gfm technology, high sympodial branches, big boll size, flowering 60-65 days, medium duration (160-170 days), boll opening excellent, medium leaf pubescence, longer fiber length, ginning out turn 35-36 % , high yield.

Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) BAGC - 333

Erect with many umbles, plant height average 35-40 cm, Dull ash medium size grains, maturity 105-115 days, non-shattering, resistant to wilt, High yield.

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