India is one of the leading country producing spices. More Than 32 LAC. tons of spices produced every year in various parts of India.

Cookery of various regions & fondness of tasty food of our countrymen is famous all over the world. Preparation of special blended spices for delicious food is an art & requires inherent skill & advance instinct.

“Jalaram Masala” the leading prestigious company’ with high profile producing wide range of best quality blended spices. In the year 1960 Mr. Jethalal C. Thakkar, founder of the company who started production of the blended spice powder at Kheda (Gujarat) on a small scale basis with the whole hearted support & co-operation of his wife Mrs. Madhuben Thakkar.

Best quality, purity & superb taste are basic principle of prime importance for the company since inception. Overcoming all odds with tireless efforts & hard work, company put on strong foothold in the market & received faith & trust of customers.

In the year 1971, by gaining day by day growth company shifted its workplace to Ahmedabad & expanded production facilities & organized marketing network in the entire market of Gujarat.

With intention to provide facilities & services to customer’s company became pioneer to launch blended spices i.e. Garam Masala in attractive & easy to use pouch packing in the market.

Mr. Girishbhai G. Thakkar son-in-law of Mr. J. C. Thakkar has been working with the company since 1981, as a helping hand to him for expansion & stable business. He is well experienced and conversant with the spice market.

Re-search work & all round efforts are always on by the company to provide variations & wide choice to customers, resultant to this in the year 1982 company prepared special Masala blend for various food recepies to avail wide choice to customers, which includes Bhaji-Pav Masala, Pani-Puri Masala, Punjabi Chhole Masala, Sambhar Masala, Chat Masala, Special Surti Undhiya Masala were the main items were launched in the market, more-over Super Tea Masala & Super Garam Masala were also launched. All this products got super success & warm welcome by customers.

In the year 1990 the company presented Special Aachar Masala, which made making of Aachar a very easy task for the women. It too received warm welcome in the market because of its purity & deliciousness.

In the year 1992, Special Chewda Masala introduced in the market, Queens of kitchen feel proud & enjoyed preparation of tasty Chewda at their own by using the product.

Since the year 1998 the young and enthusiastic CMD of the company Mr. Bhavesh J. Thakkar, son of Mr. J. C. Thakkar is also working considerably to put the company on the world Map. JM’s main focus is to present the products globally by maintaining its quality and standard.

In the year 2002 a range of pure Black Pepper Powder, Dry Ginger Powder, Dry Mango Powder & Veg. Biryani Pulav Masala were presented in the market.

In the year 2007 company launched tasty Jaljira Powder.

Right from the beginning company has received co-operation of the distributors at every step of the way, they have been an important & irreplaceable part of the company since last 45 years. This is the record of its own kind in the FMCG market. It is a solid proof of heartily relation & faithfulness between company & distributors.


Jaljeera Powder

Method of Use :

Take one big spoon of jm’s jaljira powder and mix it in 150 ml water and experiencethe taste and the freshness. you will get good appetite. it also settles down your stomach problems. you can also sprinkle jm’s jaljira powder on fruits, juice, tomato soup. salad, pulav and even for genrel items like chewda, popcorn plums etc.

Ingredients (In Powder Form) :

I.salt, Cumin Seeds, Mint,Citric,Black Salt, Dry Ginger, Dry Mango, White pepper, white chilly.

Dry Mango Powder

Jalaram Amchoor Powder has been scientifically grounded after picking up the most superior quality. It is packed in a very sophisticated and completely hygienic way so that no form of adulteration or mixture of artificial colour is possible.

Ingredients (In Powder Form) :

Best quality dry mango.


Method of Use :

Make preparations and keep aside 2 spoons of ginger-garlic paste, green chilly paste, one small size finely chopped onions, one medium sized finely chopped capsicum, one large sized finely chopped tomato, 300 gms boiled and mashed vegetables like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Potato, Bottle gourd and ½ cup boiled green peas. Take 2 spoons of oil and one spoon of Ghee in a pan. Add the ginger-garlic paste, green chilly paste and sauté till it softens. Add onions, capsicum, tomatoes and sauté. Then add salt, Jalaram Turmeric Powder, Jalaram Chilli Powder, Jalaram Coriander Powder and 2 tablespoons of Jalaram Super Pavbhaji Powder. If needed add a little water if the preparations is too thick. Now add the vegetables and lemon juice as per the taste. Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves and a scoop of butter and serve with buttered Bread [Pav].

Ingredients (In Powder Form) :

Coriander, Chilly, Cumin, Aniseed, Dry Mango, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Clove Leaves, I. Salt, Dry Ginger, Big Cardamom, Fenugreek, Curry Leaves, Badiyan, Extract Tamarind, Bishop Weeds, Black Salt.

Super Pani-Puri Masala ( Golgappa Masala )

Method of Use :

Make a paste of 3-4 green chillies, one small piece Ginger, 8-10 mint leaves and some coriander leaves. Take one and a half liters of water, the paste and 50 gms Jalaram Super Panipuri Power and mix well. Add lemon juice and rock salt for the tangy flavour and serve it chilled. For the panipuri mixture, take boiled potatoes, boiled black pulse and salted boondi and mix. Fill this mixture in the puris and serve.

Ingredients (In Powder Form) :

Dry Mango, Rock Salt, Black Salt, Cumin, Black Pepper, I. Salt, Chilly, Compounded Asafoetida, Coriander, Cinnamon, Citric Acid, Dhy. Mint, Extract Tamarind, Clove Leaves (Not Curry Powder).

Super Garam Masala

Method of Use :

Jalaram Super Garam Masala Powder makes your favorite Punjabi curries, spicy pulses, mix vegetables, snacks like fritters, Dahiwadas, Kachoris, Batatawadas, Samosas, Patties, Patra, Sev-usal extremely delicious and tantalizing. It adds flavour to your food and leaves an aroma in the kitchen.

Super Garam Masala – Ingredients (In Powder Form) :

Coriander, Chilly, Aniseeds, Cumin, Cinnamon, Curry Leaves, Dry Mango, Big Cardamom, Clove Leaves, Fenugreek, Dry Ginger, I. Salt, Edible Oil, Black Pepper.

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