We are one of the well-known entrepreneurs, engaged in the manufacturing and repairing power and distribution transformers with a proven track record on quality of products, trouble-free performance and after-sale-service.

The Company, POWERLITE ELECTRICALS, was incorporated in the year 1982 with a vision to achieve expertise in technical services and assisting the Power Sector in the State of Gujarat. Almost 30 years later, this vision has translated into years of Experience, Knowledge & Manufacturing. With the sincere efforts and experience of four decades in Transformer Industry, our honorable Founder Mr. G.N.Patel a Graduate in Electrical Engineering has turned out this company into a Group of Companies within short span of time and achieved the annual sales turnover of more than Rs.20crores. Our reputed clientele, consisting Central Government as well as State Government Departments / Undertakings and various medium and large scale Industrial Units in the Private Sector, is spread all over the State of Gujarat and its neighbouring states. Continuing the legacy with commendable dynamic approach, our honorable Proprietor Mr. Kinjal Patel (BE Electrical) has established milestones in the growth of company. With his foresightedness and devoted attitude towards progress, the Company is poised to attain further enviable achievements in the near future.

We are approved manufacturer from GWSSB & GETCO with holding BIS(up to 2500 KVA)& ISO: 9001-2015 Certification to manufacture up to 15 MVA 66 KV Class transformers. We are engaged in manufacturing and repairing power and distribution transformers with the proven track record on quality of products, trouble-free performance and after-sale-service.



As per IEC 60076 Part-1, Power transformer is defined as a static piece of apparatus with two or more windings which, by electromagnetic induction, transforms a system of alternating voltage and current into another system of voltage and current usually of different values and at the same frequency for the purpose of transmitting electrical power. Power Transformers can alter from one voltage to another at high power levels. It is used in Transmission grid to step down voltage from higher voltage levels to lower voltage levels.


According to Bureau of Indian Standard IS-1180 (Part 1, 4th Revision), A Distribution Transformer is a transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the electric Power Distribution System, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines to the level used by the customers. The distribution line voltages are 3.3 kV, 6.6 kV, 11 kV, 22 kV and 33 kV in the country. The domestic supply for the consumers is 433 volt, 3 Phase (250 volt, 1 phase), 50 Hz. Transformer with primary voltages of 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22 or 33 kV and secondary voltage of 433 volt, 3 Phase (and 250 volt single phase) are called Distribution Transformers.


Earthing transformers are widely used in three phase power system networks to serve as artificial Neutral point in Three Phase Delta connected System. Other applications of earthing transformers includes connecting an arc suppression coil and to limit current level during earth fault. Proper grounding in the power source is preferred in several applications, as this provides additional safety for the equipment connected with the network and for the operator also. These transformers effectivelyprovide an easy low resistance path for the fault current, during the period of earth fault. This special Purpose Transformer is made of zigzag connection to derive a common neutral point which is further grounded via series current limiting reactor. With such connections, the three phase system is able to provide both line to ground(1-phase) and line to line (3-phase) power efficiently.


Furnace transformer is designed to meet the requirement of power supply to electric furnace.The speciality of Furnace Transformer is to lower the high voltage supply that can run Arc Furnace. In the mining & metal industry, these transformers seek huge appreciation. The types, voltage and cooling modes vary in order to perfectly cater the needs of the application areas. The excellent cooling modes like forced water cooling mode, self-cooling mode, etc., also make these transformers highly efficient in working.These transformers must be designed to resist the high levels of electrical, thermal and mechanical stress to which they are subject during utilisation.


As per IEC 60076 Part-1, Booster Transformer is defined as a Transformer of which one winding is intended to be connected in series with a circuit in order to alter its voltage and/or shift its phase. The other winding is an energising winding.Booster transformer is one which is often used towards the end of a power line to raise the voltage to the desired value. It is used for controlling the voltage of a feeder at a point far away from the main transformer.


According to IEC 62271-202 Compact substations are defined as a type-tested assembly comprising an enclosure containing in general transformers, low-voltage and high-voltage switchgear, connections and auxiliary equipment to supply low-voltage energy from a high-voltage system or vice versa. These substations are in locations accessible to the public and should ensure protection to persons according to the specified service conditions.

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