• Ambika means a buyers pride.
  • Established since 1966.
  • ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company.
  • Textile mission on cotton (tmc) approved.
  • E. O. U. (export oriented unit).
  • No. 1 in GUJARAT & no. 2 in INDIA.
  • Excellent through experience.
  • CERTIFIED from RRSL New Delhi.
  • Advance technology by constant “R” & “D” oiml standard.
  • More than 5000 nos. Of weighbridges working in india & abroad.
  • Range vary from 1 mt to 200 mt.
  • MANUFACTURING unit is spreaded over an area of 27000 Sq.ft.
  • Prompt after sales service.
  • On – line documentation with easy computer compatibility.
  • Software as per choice of customer.
  • Pioneer manufacturer of weighbridges in Ahmedabad, GUJARAT (INDIA).
  • Reputed branded mild steel structure.
  • A weighbridge having sr. No. 1 is still working in the market.
  • High quality standards expected by customers by developing positive attitudes througout the company.
  • First to introduce mechanical pitiless weighbridge in India.
  • 50% of the business from repeated orders.
  • • Continuously update and upgrade ourselves to manufacture the best quality products.


  • Sturdy mechanical structure manufactured as per IS 2062 Grade.
  • Reliable mounting assembly for load cells.
  • Law resistance cables and weather proof junction box.
  • Windows based friendly Software.
  • Hermatically sealed load cells eliminates water logging.
  • Accuracy 0. 02%.

Electronic Pitless Weighbridge

  • Sturdy mechanical structure manufactured as per IS 2062 Grade.
  • Reliable mounting assembly for load cells.
  • Law resistance cables and weather proof junction box.
  • Windows based friendly Software.
  • Hermatically sealed load cells eliminates water logging.
  • Accuracy 0. 02%.

Electronic Mechanical Weighbridge

  • Pit mounted structure wherein platform is usually flushed to the ground.
  • Assembled on civil foundation within the pit.
  • Manufactured by Inserting a single load cell on transfer lever.
  • Intelligent Terminal system OR PC based RS 232 – RS – 485 systems are available.
  • Auto calibration facility available.
  • LAN system available.

Electronic Mechanical Weighbridge

  • Fast and economical Installation.
  • Excellent levels of corrosion protection through shot – blasting and , epoxy painting.
  • These weighbridges enables throughputs of bulk materials and are designed to keep installation, maintenance and operations as simple as possible even in the saline and corrosive environment.
  • “AMBIKA’S concrete Truck scales are available in capacities ranging from 10 to 150 Tons with platform sizes 2 mtr. X 2 mtr. to 25 mtr x 6 mtr.
  • The steel frame of this weighbridge is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • The production system ensures impeceable focus to the performance of the product and faster response to customer’s needs.

Mobile Weighbridge

  • “AMBIKA” is the first and only company to introduce Mobile Weighbridges in Gujarat, India.
  • These weighbridges are designed to be installed quickly anywhere there is a need for on-site truck weighing and surface mounted.
  • These quickly installed Mobile weighbridges do not need permanently built foundations, but only a fairly horizontal level and strong concrete floor, eliminating costly site preparation and reducing installation time to a mater of hours.
  • Thease weighbridges are completely supplied with ramps which are steel fabricated and therefore do not need traditional cement foundation. The top plate and Bottom frame are steel fabricated and the load cell are installed between top frame and bottom frame which rests on traditional foundation.
  • Due to easy ransportation, cost saving and reducing installation time these weighbridges are mostly used by road transportation company, Forestry, Quarries, Military and Agriculture industries.
  • No mechanical operation is required and the “Weights” is instantaneously indicated on Big display for facility of operator.

Rail & Truck Weighbridge

  • The Comboweigh Rail and Truck weighbridges from “Ambika” is able to weigh both types of Vehicles on a single surface, saving time and money.
  • This Heavy Duty Rail and Truck weighbridge is designed to stand upto the harshest out door conditions while maintaining accuracy and dependability.
  • These weighbridges are available in either steel or concrete to suit the requirement of the application, with heavy, wide flange steel beams to assure structural integrity.
  • The combo weigh Rail and Truck weighbridges are suitable for industries like Agriculture, Manufacturing Steel scrap and Recycling, coal & mining etc.
  • Rail weighbridge is crucial in virtually every aspect of rail operation, from avoiding overloading penalties.

Unmanned Weighbridge (RFID Based)

The unmanned Weighbridge system is a standalone system which allows 24 hours 7 days a week weighing operations without the need of operator. Due to the system’s easy interface, it is totally operated by the truck driver. Moreover “AMBIKA” solution custom designs the system to suit the specific requirements of your operations. Automated weighbridge system’s software is an intelligent software that turns your weighbridge to a simple unattended terminal.

Unmanned Weighbridge (RFID Based)

A durable and reliable on-board weighing system from “AMBIKA” ensures overloading of tippers/wagons and improves process efficiency. The fact that it is a digital system, it has less cabling than others, having no junction box and therefore, clay, moisture, dust will not cause it to fail. The need for instant load verification has become critical for companies that need to be more efficient in hauling, determine profit/loss with each load,eliminate overweight fines while maximizing each load and monitor potential wear on equipment.

Mechanical Weighbridge

  • These weighbridges are ideal for low – cost weighing solution and are manufactured from M.S. Levers, supported by heavy duty Girders, M.S. stripped plates which is bolted with beams.
  • Five lever or Mutilever system is available, depending upon capacity & length of the platform.
  • ultilever system minimizes cost of civil construction, reduces freight and installation of labour cost. multilever system has a longer life as the load on the platform is distributed over a greater number of knives and bearings.
  • These weighbridges are manufactured according to IS specifications and other relevant specifications of weights and Measures Act and rules.

Wireless Data Transfer

  • By using Wireless data Transmitter you can monitor weighbridge transactions from your existing “AMBIKA” Intelligent terminal on your mobile / Windows application / web application.
  • We deliver top quality, reliable products and services at competitive prices to our customers.
  • The system automatically scans the data and required information is sent to your cell phone at a Pre – determined time every day. Data can be sent to more than one mobile number. This is suitable for Public weighbridges.
  • This application sends every weighment transaction to predefined mobile numbers without human interaction.
  • For standalone application, we will provide two WDT’S, one is for the weighbridge IT, and another one is for your personal computer. Both applications are communicated through WDT. These application work is based on SMS service. Using this software you can genertate any kind of report, based on your requirement on your PC.

Export Activity

Established in the year 1966, Shri Ambika Scale Mfg. Works is one of the GLOBAL company engaged in the shhere of manufacturing and EXPORTING a wide range of high precision Electronic weighbridge to East Africa, West Africa, South Africa, Middle East, Iraq and Bangladesh through our Export and Import Agent.

We export a wide assortment of weighbridges that includes electronic pit type weighbridges, concrete weighbridges, Mobile weighbridges, In motion Rail weighbridges, Axle weighbridges, Mechanical Pitless and Duplex weighbridges. These are manufactured with high – grade raw material and have capacity to weigh from 3 MT to 200 MT.

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