SPI Industries is part of the SPI Group. The Group is engaged in manufacturing of Transformer Cores, Transformer Radiators and Steel Drums. Based in Ahmedabad, it has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that manufactures world-class products. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

SPI Drums and Barrels are manufactured in accordance with international standards. They have long life and can be used to store any type of material.


E Core (ECORE7)

The E Core (ECORE7) resembles a traditional E core with a distributed gap selectable on either the Side (WL) or END (WW). A rectangular lamination is formed with a cut on one leg, the corners are selectable between 30 and 45 degrees and the inner radius is set at 3 mm. The dimensions of the distributed gap on the inners is selectable, the overlap length is then doubled for the outer core. This program is basically a revamp of ECORE6 from Version 6.

Knock Down Drum System

Knock-down drums involve the unique system of nesting drums for shipment and storage. Between 900 and 2,500 sets of customized drum components (body, top and bottom) can be shipped in a single container, compared to about 280 drums via conventional deliveries. In addition, one employee can unload and store the drums in less than an hour.

Straight Lamination (LAM7)

The SPI Core machine can cut Straight Laminations. Entering the strip thickness and desired stack height, the laminations will be cut to the specified length.

Step Butt (STEPBUT7)

The STEPBUT7 face is a series of flat steps which increment out at an angle parallel to the corner folds. The corners are selectable between 90 and 45 degree. All dimensions regarding the step are adjustable. There is only one cut per lamination.

Triple Cut BUTT (BUT3XL7)

The Triple Cut BUTT (BUT3XL7) core resembles a traditional E core because the legs are flat faced and square. A rectangular lamination is formed with a cut on each leg, the corners are selectable between 45 and 90 degrees and inner corner radius is adjustable. The ‘legs’ have an independent variable for micro adjustment of the length, this ‘leg extension’ enables the core faces to lay flat without the need for clamping.

Composite Barrels

SPI Composite Barrels have a double shell protection. The inner side is a blow moulded HMHDPE barrel made from virgin high density polyethylene. This is surrounded by high quality cold rolled steel providing unrivaled protection. Two openings with stoppers allow convenient filling and removal of contents. These barrels are available in 200 liter capacity with steel thickness ranging between 1 mm and 1.5 mm.

End Overlap (ENDOLAP7)

The End Overlap Distributed Gap (ENDOLAP) face is a series of laminations with overlapping cuts along one leg, which is spiral wound so each lamination butts onto the next lamination rather than to itself. The cut faces diverges to produce a distributed gap face with no two cut faces sitting adjacent to each other between lamination stacks. The corners are selectable between 30 and 45 degree, inner corner radius is adjustable, cut position selectable between Side or End cut.

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