TIRUPATI FOAM LIMITED had made a humble but formidable beginning in 1986 when four 1st generation entrepreneurs joined hands together for the state of Gujarat.

The Company started manufacturing a wide range of Industrial Foam. To cater to the ever increasing demand of the markets of all India, Company forayed into the arena of Branded Foam Products & evolved an enviable range of consumer Comfort Products under the name of ‘Sweet Dream’. Due to its stringent quality control & undiluted efforts of the Management, ‘Sweet Dream’ soon became a household name in whole India.

Tirupati Foam Ltd is a first company who produce Highly Durable Foam in India having professional capability of producing P U Foam in this industry. Company is looking since last 30 years R & D and technique for innovating in all aspects.

Tirupati Foam Ltd is in a leading position of P U Foam market and in major parameter of its growth with its accepted Brand Name of SWEET DREAM in vides rage of comfort products with ISI mark in India.

Tirupati Foam Ltd has adopted online latest IT technology to remain constant in touch (24 x 7) with manufacturing unit and administrative office.


Benito Mattress

Benito Mattress is the unique flexi puf mattress, made by the best quality high resillience foam (HR Foam). In HR foam, each tiny cells acts like spring and gives the best support to whole body in any position. All these tiny cells are so resillet and so strong, the ‘valley’ effect is limited to only few inches, so the lighter person will hardly notice the heavier person is sleeping there on same bed and they may move around or get up without disturbing each other.

Bondo-PUF Mattress

‘Sweet Dream’ presents as impressive range of Back Support Mattress ‘Bond PUF / India PUF’ that is a revolutionized combination of PUF and Bonded Foam which results ina great firm mattress.

Straight Lamination (LAM7)

HR Foam – HR foams are Highest grade Quality PU Foam delivering high performance with superior bounce, comfort, and durability. They can be used both in cushion and High Quality Bedding HR foam has a better supporting factor and a better fatigue resistance with high Resilience compared to conventional foam. It is very near or best substitute of Natural Latex. So, it does not de-shape or loose original property even after extensive use. At present this is available in 40 Kg/m3 & 55 Kg/m3.

Wonder Couch

No Sofa can beat its Elegance, Luxurious comfort and cozy feeling while you relax on Piece-De-Art ‘Sweet Dream Wonder couch’


Strong and sturdy, this Euro-top bonnel spring mattress comes with Turkish felt. It is composed this way to aim at liberate you from the back ailments by supporting the spine. Taking health, comfort and sleeping cool to a whole other level, the deep, therapeutic pressure relieving performance will support your every curve keeping you blissfully in dreamland.


The three steps to achieve the dream of a heavenly sleep come with this Euro-top three layered mattress with pocketed spring ensure an epically velveteen soft and luxurious rest. The memory foam, polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature distributes your body weight evenly. It maintains optimal blood flow of your body. The high-resilience foam atop regular foam to ameliorate your experience of relaxation.


Crafted for those who love both sides the coin equally, We present to you a pocked-spring reversible mattress with re-bonded foam. These alloy-based pocketed-springs are placed at regular intervals to eliminate the tardiness of the mattress, resulting in a much desired softness. Curtailed under the layer of jacquard fabric, this foam is specially designed to soothe the body. So, turn it this way or that, it will still provide an enriching sleep in the cocooning luxury of your home.

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