We, Vic Mac Corporation, were established in the year 1996 by Col. Mohan Kaktikar (Retd.).

Being an army officer and a graduate from the Defence Service Staff College, Wellington, he brought in more than 25 years of operational experience into the organization; having served overseas , on presidential staff and as a part of the directorial staff at the College of Combat. On taking voluntary retirement, he was the general manager of a major industrial group. Col. Mohan Kaktikar (Retd.) has also been awarded with the prestigious COAS Commendation for his services.

Under the guidance of our founder, our organization has been involved in the manufacture & marketing of highly specialized defense & security products since 1994, when we obtained the technology from DRDO. Our first initiative was the production of quality bullet proof vehicles for the Para-military forces in Jammu & Kashmir.

Subsequently, we diversified into the manufacture of run flat systems also known as bullet proof tires, marketed under the brand ‘VIC MAC’. This is vastly utilized by the government & private sector based manufacturers of bullet proof vehicles such as Ordiance Factory Medak, Vehicle Factory Jabalpur, TATA Motors and Mahindra Defense system.

In the year 1996, two associate organizations, M/S BVM International & M/S Meera International were formed. Under BVM international, we cater to requirements for a vast variety of ballistic protection solutions such as bomb blankets, bullet proof jackets, harnesses for jackets and parkas. We also manufacture a wide range of rechargeable hand-held search lights which are vastly in demand by private & government organizations.

M/S Meera International deals with our specialized products i.e. Anti explosion material ( used in fuel tanks of vehicles to ensure that a violent fire does not break out in said vehicle).

We produce Nylon 6 in stock shapes like sheets, rods, tubes as per order and in customized shapes when provided with the design. Manufacture of special variants of Nylon 6 which have heat

resistant, abrasion resistant, oil impregnated varieties which has large scale application in the industry can also be done as per requirements




Nylon 6 is widely popular due to its high tensile strength. It is commonly used for the purpose of manufacturing gun frames and various other applications such as bristles in toothbrush, strings for musical instruments and different types of ropes. It is elastic and luster in nature. We use good quality of raw materials and excellent manufacturing process to create these nylons. Some of the key features include:


We offer a wide range of armoring for all types of vehicles. The armors and other raw materials are sourced from well-reputed vendors. The reason and need for protection is understood and solution is provided accordingly. The armored vehicles are known to resist extreme attacks. Offering excellent performance and efficiency, we test the finished products in test houses that are recognized by the government. We offer customization based on client requirement. Some key features of vehicle armoring:


We offer our clients the right solution for all types of security needs for government organizations, banking and financial, educational, protection for commercial buildings, manufacturers and entertainment industry. Our consultation involves a prompt and professional service. Our package can be custom-designed based on client needs. We also manufacture a wide range of security related products. Some of the key features include:


This is a cheaper solution provided at very low cost .It is mainly suited for static duties e.g. sentry duty at crowded place in disturbed areas like J & K & North east .It is a basic bullet proof steel plates of size10”X12”covering vital body parts placed in a cloth harness of camouflage print with suitable trauma pads. The complete jacket weight 8+ kgs (with two steel inserts). The harness color and print can be suited to operational area i.e. jungle, desert and snow bound area .We also make replacement harnesses for worn-out harnesses.


To increase the range of its defense specification fabrics M/S BVM International has established contacts with world renowned manufacturers of Kevlar cloth of different varieties and has different varieties in it’s stock. The company has also stocks of ‘Spectra’ and ‘Spectra Shield’ used for similar applications as Kevlar.


It is an Indian invention of great utility, which has saved many lives. It is a low cost replacement for level III bullet proof Kevlar helmet. It is made with a of bullet proof steel ring, providing protection for AK 47/7.62 SLR from front and 9 mm fire from rear. It is made comfortable by providing suitable harness with pads which also given protection against trauma apart from wearing comfort .Harness is made of strong camouflage print cloth. These come in three sizes. We also make harnesses for replacement if required by customers.


A multipurpose fabric based garment item which can be used as a garment, a shelter, wind breaker and rain coat etc. It can be used in in the snow bound area. Light weight, it can be easily folded into a small pack. It is a free size item & very popular with forward area troops due to multiple usage.

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